Fujisaki & Lab. History



"Precocious one... from Hirosaki-park"
20150330@Room 312

"Give it your best!"
20150324@Room 312

20150320-22 KAKEN meeting@Hokkaido univ.

"A new challenge"
20150317@Fujisaki farm (Fujisaki cho)

"After the final mission"
20150310@Hachinohe N.C.T.

"few more days"
20150305@Hirosaki Park Hotel

"Everyone can change the world. I think this is the true meaning of 'glocal'."
20150223@Hirosaki_ HIRORO

"follow in their footsteps"
UG3, UG4 and M1
20150220@Hirosaki night_ Nishi-hiro

"silent onlookers"
20150207@Ueno onshi koen park

"The origin of Gari-Gari"
20150206@RIKEN Wako

"Kneel down to the child's level... too low ! "
20150111@Niigata, Multi Amenity Express -Toki-

"Nipponia nippon ?"
20150110@Niigata, JSME Bioengineering conf. 2nd day

*** The Seguchi Prize ***
after the prize awarding ceremony
"Start the next chapter of my... our study"
20150109@Niigata, JSME Bioengineering conf.

on the last working day of the year
"without garlic"
20141228@Hirosaki night, Go-men

The day after Party, -endless day?-
"I have a camera and a microphone."
20141227@Hirosaki night

Year-end party with Sasagawa lab.
"Hana < Dango
( Better fill a man's belly than his eye. )"
20141226@Hirosaki night (Hana-Dan)

A fine morning
"See you again someday somewhere in future collaboration!"
20141220@Aomori airport

with Dr. Jiang Yu (Assoc. Professor, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
"Tsugaru Settai"
20141219@Hirosaki night, Yama-uta

Heavy snow day
"Hey! Where are you going?"
20141217@Hirosaki univ.

"Many people will be taken to Ikebukuro... every 5 minutes"
20141206@Wako-shi station on Tobu-tojo line, Yurakucho line and Fukutoshin line

"A researcher's night"
20141205@Riken Wako

Wakate-nomi-kai (***Mistranslation: young only meeting)
"The First Hanada Festa!"
20141202@Hirosaki night

Special Lecture about "Osamu Dazai" in JSPE Tohoku conference
"Young Dazai..."
"I am =35, also belong young category"
20141129@Hirosaki univ.

New faces (Lab. member with future generation)
"(Only...) possibilities are infinite!"
20141126@Hirosaki night

Flight duration (...fall time) competition_9.7 sec : Rank 6th/16
"This is the... 10-Second Barrier"
20141124@Hirosaki univ. Gym

Konan Railway Kuroishi Line
"I am not a Noritetu!"
20141113@Konan Railway station

Via Radio Waves ...without face...
20141108@Dotemachi_Apple wave

Welding operation: Kik. & Sut. supported by Sakuma-san
"Let's go pi-ka-chu!"

for young students.
"How do you feel about Fujisaki Lab.?"

"See you again!"
20141031@Minnesota University, Minneapolis

"Trick or treat"
20141030@Loring Park, Minneapolis

MD&M 2014 and Conference
"with 9 people"
20141029@Minneapolis convention center, MN, USA

"We laugh because we are all alive!"
20141028@Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Chicago night!
"That is Hanada!"
20141027@Best western hotel, Chicago, USA

Invitation to our science laboratory (University festival 2014)
"Congratulation KEN! You are winner !"

Innovation Japan 2014 ~2nd day~, before today's work
"That famous... white devil !"
20140912@near Tokyo-bigsight (Daiba)

Innovation Japan 2014 ~1st day~
"Made in Japan !"
20140911@East Hall in Tokyo-bigsight

Innovation Japan 2014 with Prof. Sasagawa and CJR Staff
"See you tomorrow!"

STARC2014 with Prof. Sasagawa
"Day business trip..."

"Long time no see. And see you again!"
20140829@RIKEN Wako

D&D 2014 now! "Nobody in the lounge"
20140827@Sophia Univ.

After the interim meeting (with Sasagawa lab.)
20140826@Hirosaki night

Yuru-chara "Takamaru-kun"
20140819@Hirosaki city hall
Takamaru-kun Official website (Japanese)

Open Campus, Welcome to Fujisaki Lab.!

Preparation for Open Campus

Sports festival (Basketball, Tennis, BBQ) with Sasagawa lab.
20140726@Iwaki sports center

ANA began a service between Osaka-Aomori
20140723@Itami airport

A gateway to success

JSME M&M Conf. 2014
20140721@Fukushima univ.

After softball game
20140712@Kato-kawa-kasenshiki park, Hirosaki

"Ask what you can do and..."
20140710@Harvard Univ.

WCB2014 with Prof. Sasagawa and Mr. S. Sato (Sasagawa Lab.)
20140708@Hynes- Convention Center, Boston

">30, however young I am..."
289th research meeting of SICE Tohoku chapter
20140624@Hirosaki Univ.

Basketball game with the hot blood of youth
20140601@B&G Gym in Hirosaki

on The 2nd Base
20140526@Gakuen-cho ground

Castle and Sakura trees 2014
20140501@Hirosaki park

"Sakura's flow" _pieces of cherry blossom
20140430@Hirosaki park

Sakura tree_ in full bloom_II
20140427@Hirosaki park

Sakura tree_ in full bloom
20140425@Hirosaki univ.

Iwaki-san view from the window
20140403@Room 8

Graduation thesis workshop (Kudo)
20140214@Room 8

Fujiwa lab. UG4 (Hasegawa, Kudo, Sato)
20140116@Room 114

Special lecture by Prof. Hideo Yokota (RIKEN)
20140114@Room 10

Domestic conference (JSME Bioengineering conf.)
20140111-12@Tohoku univ.

A sunny day

Passing each other

Hirosaki IREMD2013
20130912@Hirosaki univ.

APCB2013 with Mr. Tsukahara (Sasagawa Lab.)
20130831@Seoul, Korea

ASME Inter. PACK 2013
20130717@Hyatt hotel Airport, San Francisco