Fujisaki & Lab. History



2012-2014 pictures

"from Aomori"
Meeting at Hakodate NCT
20160330@Shin-Aomori station

"near the end"
Sakura from Hirosaki Park
20160325@room 323, Hirosaki Univ.

"Faces with Sakura (from Hirosaki park)"
Go to the next step!
20160323p.m.@room 312, Hirosaki univ.

"A face!"
The final academic work
20160323a.m.@lecture room 6, Hirosaki univ

"Thank you and Bye-bye Hamanasu"
After the last run
after "Life innovation forum 2016 Aomori"
20160322@Aomori station

"The last lecture"
Prof. Furuya's talk

"Get the pruned branches!"
An early morning event
20160311@Hirosaki park

"A graduation address"
~ graduation party ~
20160308@Naquacity-Hirosaki Hotel, Hirosaki

Before presentation
20160304@Fukushima Univ.

"1st OB++ festa!"
20160227@-Watami- Hirosaki night

20160223@Shinbashi SL Plaza

"Final day"
Graduation work conf. 20160215-16
20160216@Michinoku hall, Hirosaki univ.

"Too hot day with snow"
Yuki-Doro festival (Snow festa)
20160213@Hirosaki park

"After the final!"
Master work conf.
20160212@Hirosaki Univ.

"Unbreakable bone!"
Technical show Yokohama 2016
20160204@PACIFICO Yokohama

Labo. days
20160202@ room312, Hirosaki univ.

"A sunny day in winter"
for Bioengineering conf. and experiments at RIKEN lab.
20160110@RIKEN, Wako

"A famous place"
for Bioengineering conf.
20160108@Sengakuji, Tokyo

"A morning"
The last work of the year
20151230@RIKEN, wako

"A snow day"
White impulse
20151227@Aomori airport

"A new start"
Welcome to our lab.
20151210@Totoya_Hirosaki night

"Near the end of the year"
Year-end & welcome party for our division
20151207@Hanabi_Hirosaki night

"A morning"
RIKEN garigari-experiments
20151128@RIKEN, Wako, Saitama

"Welcome Merry Christmas to our town!"
20151127@Wako, Saitama

"Team Aomori"
HOSPEX 2015 with Kasai (Sasagawa lab.)
20151124-27(-26 fujisaki)@Tokyo Bigsight

"A castletown"
Where is "Kabutogani"?
20151103@Kitsuki, Oita

"The new mission!"
Soba ... Buckwheat noodles
20151102@Kitsuki, Oita

"Monkey or Crab"
Saru-Kani returns
20151018@Hirosaki univ.

"Final mission"
After the 50th anniversary celebration
20151017@Hirosaki univ.

"When they were fine."
A marine day (began at 4 a.m.)

"Hasagake: Drying in the sun"
The final mission in "Tambo art"

"I got lost in the campus, but I got a chance to meet you."
At least I found you!
20150918@Hokkaido Univ.

"The final day."
20150919@Akira Suzuki Hall

"with presentation speakers"
20150918@Conference desk

"Welcome! new tasks."
AP Biomech 2015, 0916-19@Hokkaido Univ., Sapporo
20150917@Akira Suzuki Hall, Hokkaido Univ.

"After work, before work"
20150916@Odori park, Sapporo

"The conference days"
20150915@Hokkaido Univ.

"The eco-bag got a new job!"
JSME Annual meeting, 0913-16@Hokkaido Univ.
20150914@Hokkaido Univ., Sapporo

"American lunch"
20150904@Beer cafe

"After dinner cruise"
20150903@River side

"conference time"
20150902@Portland state univ.

"The top of America's 10 Best Cities for 2013..."
20150901@Downtown, Portland

"finally see the destination"
EMAP2015, 0901-04@Portland state univ.
20150831@Portland, OR, USA

"Next task!"
20150827@Hirosaki univ.

20150826@Hirosaki univ.

"A poster boy"
D&D2015, 0825-28
20150825@Hirosaki univ.

"Preparation for D&D2015"
20150824@Hirosaki univ.

"Another mission"
Open Campus
20150808@Hirosaki univ.

"A busy day."
Preparation for Open Campus
20150807@Hirosaki univ.

"Hirodai neputa!"
Neputa festa

"The 1st company!"
Sports and BBQ festa with 312 students
20150802@Iwaki, Hirosakii

"After 2 months"
Tambo art

"Let me through, please."
The hydrangea road
20150711@Sotogahama, Aomori

"The final mission"
20150709@San Francisco

20150708@San Francisco

"Splash hit!"
20150707@AT&T park, San Francisco

"Prof. Sasagawa's talk"
20150706@Fairmont San Francisco hotel, San Francisco

"Cable? car"
20150705@San Francisco

"Independence day!"
InterPACK2015, 0704-10
20150704@San Francisco

"with Yamada!"
Karaoke and BBQ
20150628@Soma Romantopia

"I can see it!"
Softball game with youngsters
20150620@Hirosaki under the sun

"VS Hanada!"
Basketball game with youngsters
20150614@Kawanishi gymnasium

"Human rice transplanters"
Preparation for "Tambo art"

"Yonezawa beef!"
Banquet in 64th JSMS annual meeting

"Falcon with wing"
for the 64th JSMS annual meeting
20150522@Fukushima station

"You are always supported by somebody."
after D&D meeting
20150513@Tokyo station

"Aoba festa soon"
after Tohoku univ. meeting
20150512@Sendai night

"Ohanami party"
20150428@Hirosaki park

"Sakura days"
20150425@Hirosaki park.

"Sakura festa 2015 in full bloom"
The 1st departmental conference, "Ohanami", and welcome party
20150424@Hirosaki park

"Hakodate mission (4/20-21)"

"Let's start!"
20150413@Hirosaki univ.

"The night sun's (Moon) early night"
Total lunar eclipse
20150404@Aomori sky